Hi. I wrote for Print magazine for a number of years, a column called Obsessions. When I took it on it was a collector’s curiosity column; a sort of “check out this awesome thing” exploratory written with an eye towards technology. At that point, a lot of the editorship didn’t feel the need to explore much about technology; it was still largely separate from design. That was back in 2005, when editorial and online people were not the same. Paper magazine were still considered viable. There was no such thing as a decent smartphone.

Fast forward to last year, when I decided I was totally burned out on the uninspiring culture shoving F&W Publishing forward. By the time I came to the conclusion that I was done, we’d turned the column into a mixed bag of freakshow subjects: fringe culture, science, weird design, the intersection of design and economics, and the occasional rant about how design education is absolutely failing young designers.

Those subjects and viewpoints made me spectacularly unsuited to continue writing with Print. So here we are.

The phrase “fixing the hobo suit” makes reference to my favorite caricature of designer temperament, Edna Mode. Edna was smarter than the room, more opinionated than the room, and spectacularly correct, even when her clientele didn’t like hearing about it. She was technologically savvy, made work pertinent to situations the clientele didn’t even know of, and she never looked back. It detracts from the now, darling.